The LivWise Foundation Supports Wings of Hope

As a main goal of the LivWise Foundation, we are proud to join hands with other likeminded charities who make a difference in the lives of children and their families living with illness. Wings of Hope is a wonderful cause raising money for the Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation, which supports educational scholarships for young cancer survivors.We understand how difficult it is to undergo treatment, surgery and the many other struggles that one endures while battling cancer. When a childhood cancer survivor is actually ready and able to handle the load of university or college and become something they have been dreaming of becoming in the world, Wings of Hope is there to take some of the financial burden off of them.

As a former Crestwood Family and as the LivWise Foundation, we helped to bring awareness to the newest edition of The Wings of Hope Book. The launch was held at Crestwood Preparatory College on May 31, 2014.


livWings of Hope Book included a tribute page to Olivia. Children and their families should NEVER have to feel the pain of cancer!!! Olivia was a fighter! So brave and courageous!!!


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