Liv in Her Element

As everyone knows, my sister loved to sing. Throughout Liv’s entire life, singing was always special to her, but once she was diagnosed it brought on a whole new meaning. Singing was a way for her to get her emotions out and to show her loved ones how she felt about them. Her singing left us with something that will forever remind us how amazing, talented, brave, and beautiful she was. I’m so grateful that Liv was so confident and never made me (or anyone) stop filming her sing, because now that she is gone I cherish all of the videos I have of her so much. Hearing her voice, watching her sing, and seeing her so happy makes me so happy. I have been watching this video of Olivia a lot lately and I wanted to share it with all of you. It’s nothing fancy, just a simple video of her singing at home one day, yet I enjoy watching it over and over again (perhaps because I find comfort in knowing she will always be one play button away.)

I hope you all enjoy watching her sing as much as I do!

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